Artist Profile: Gabrielle Ganiere (Class of ’17)


Gabrielle Ganiere, originally from Berwick, ME, is currently a Bachelor of Arts candidate in the Department of Visual and Performing Arts at UMF. Ganiere works in sculpture and digital media, and is interested in the wide variety of uncanny entities that exist in the divide between childhood and adulthood, fantasy and reality. Her work explores the crossover between the public and private sphere in order to challenge the idea of what’s familiar and strange–what’s real and unreal. Ganiere’s animations, Monster Mash and Beavers were featured in the 2016 Pixel Hunter Video and Animation Festival. She has exhibited her artwork at the 2015 and 2016 UMF Student Show, and her works, Sounds of Fall and Space Whales have been published in the 2015 Fall Issue of The Sandy River Review. In April 2017, Ganiere will exhibit her senior thesis work in Five to Nine: UMF Senior Exhibition at the UMF Gallery and the Emery Arts Center Flex Space Gallery.

Ganiere writes, “My current body of work explores the uncanny– something that can be described as strangely familiar, yet unfamiliar. Working in sculpture, I create forms that both intrigue and repulse– their construction both recognizable, yet otherworldly. I investigate the role of visual aesthetics and the stimulation of different responses as a result of experimentation with unusual and traditional medias. Through their manipulation, materials such as fabric, wood, wire, and paper maché shape a sense of unfamiliarity that is then transmitted to the viewer. My goal is to blur the distinction between imagination and reality– by bringing the inanimate to life. I create grotesque creatures with an intriguing skin-like texture, complete with scars, lumps, and hair in attempts to evoke a visceral response in those who encounter them.”



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