Artist Profile: Corey Wallace (Class of ’17)

bio pic

Corey Wallace, originally from Poland, Maine, is currently a Bachelor of Arts candidate in the Department of Visual and Performing Arts at UMF, and a Wilson Research Scholar. Wallace is a lucid animator working in digital 2D and frame-by-frame animation. His work has been featured in the Pixel Hunter Video and Animation Festival. In April 2017, Wallace will exhibit his senior thesis work in Five to Nine: UMF Senior Exhibition at the UMF Gallery and the Emery Arts Center Flex Space Gallery.

Wallace writes, “My work focuses on the ideas that we as a society are being controlled through the consumption of goods that hold no value to our time and are designed purely to distract us from life. These distractions take many forms and can appear as small consumer goods or even as cities that are endlessly expanding. I hope to change people’s perspectives with my work, and thus many of my animations are viewed in alternative ways or are adapted to the location they are residing in.”


Screens (video still)


Projection (video still)


Hierarchy of the Disposed (video still)

See more of Corey’s artwork at:


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